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Welcome to the Wasted World

The apocalypse has come, brought by pollution, wars and disease. Your mission is to save your land... or what’s left of it. Prepare your tools and weapons, they will prove to be valuable allies against all the waste left behind and bad encounters that await you.

Gather different resources, from plastic to radioactive waste, and clean your land. Build machines, manage your base, upgrade your equipment, unlock new blueprints, and much more!

Explore the Wasted World and brace yourself as you will encounter dangerous enemies, hazardous environments and tons of junk.
Rebuild your home, from ruins to a glorious manor, and bring back life into your land. Start with a simple seed and grow a forest. Make this world green again!


Clean up your land from all the junk
Break everything (except buildings)
Gather and recycle waste
Reconstruct, upgrade and decorate your home
Build workstations and complex machines
Craft your equipment (tools, weapons, armors and upgrades)
Explore a merciless world
► Face deadly foes
Grow trees and various plants
Research new technologies